Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:


Example #1:

 A local Durham company recently booked a charter bus for an employee team building outing. They wanted a fun way to take their 25 person staff out for a day of bonding and adventure. We provided them with a quote for a 25 passenger charter bus rental for 8 hours, picking them up at their office in Durham at 9am and dropping them back off at 5pm. The itinerary included visits to popular Durham destinations like the Duke Lemur Center, the Museum of Life and Science, and the Durham Bulls Athletic Park. For this 8 hour charter, we quoted them $1,600. This included the bus rental, driver fees, fuel surcharge, and taxes. Tipping is optional but appreciated. The per person cost worked out to just $64 each for a full day of transportation to enjoy Durham’s top attractions, team building activities, and a nice catered lunch. Booking was simple through our easy online quote form.


Example #2

A group of 20 colleagues from a software company in Durham wanted to celebrate a successful product launch with a fun day trip. They decided to rent a party bus for a Saturday to visit some of the top wineries and breweries in the area. We provided a quote for a 20 passenger party bus rental for 8 hours, picking up at their office in downtown Durham and dropping off at various wineries and breweries along the way. The total quote came out to $1,650, which included the driver, onboard restroom, interior lighting and sound system. This worked out to around $82 per person for a full day of transportation to celebrate their achievement. With the convenience of door to door service and a personal chauffeur, the group was able to fully enjoy their well-deserved day trip without having to worry about driving or parking.


Example #3:

A local Durham restaurant is planning an employee appreciation outing for 50 staff members to visit the North Carolina Museum of Art and historic downtown Durham. They decide to rent a charter bus in Durham for the day to provide convenient transportation. The 50-passenger charter bus picks up the group from the restaurant at 10 AM and takes them to the art museum for a self-guided tour until 1 PM. Then the bus shuttles them to downtown Durham for lunch at a local restaurant and some time exploring the area. At 4 PM, the charter bus brings them back to the original restaurant. The 8 hour charter bus rental costs $1,320 plus an 18% driver gratuity of $237 for excellent service, totaling $1,557. The cost per person comes out to only $31 thanks to the group discount, providing a fun and affordable day exploring Durham’s highlights.


Example #4:

A group of 20 coworkers at a tech startup in Durham want to celebrate closing a big deal by taking a weekend trip together to Asheville. They decide to rent a party bus from Durham to Asheville and back to make the 3 hour journey more fun. For a Saturday rental during peak season in March, a 20 passenger party bus costs approximately $125 per hour, plus a $150 cleaning fee. The group rents the bus for 12 hours total from 8am to 8pm, for a total of $1,650 not including taxes and fees. This covers pickup in Durham, the drive to Asheville, having the bus available during their stay, and the return trip back to Durham. With taxes and fees, their total comes out to around $2,000. Split between 20 people, it’s only $100 per person for a safe, convenient, and fun ride together in a party bus.


Example #5:

A local youth sports team in Durham wanted to reward their players for a successful season by taking a fun day trip to Carowinds amusement park. With 30 players on the team, they needed a large charter bus rental that could transport everyone together. We provided a quote for a 56-passenger coach bus to pick them up in Durham at 8am, drive them to Carowinds for a full day of fun, and return by 8pm. The total quote came out to $1,950, which included the bus rental, driver fees, taxes, and fuel surcharge. This worked out to about $65 per person. The coach bus allowed the team to travel comfortably with plenty of room for gear, provided an experienced driver, and gave the coaches peace of mind knowing their players were in safe hands. The team had a blast at Carowinds and were grateful for the fun experience that our Durham charter bus rental provided.

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